Columbiana Wood Products, LLC
Phone: (205) 410-8996

We now offer oak and hickory firewood.  Our wood is cut in 18" lengths.  We will be happy to cut shorter or longer lengths upon request.  Our firewood is available for pick up or delivery.   

If you are interested in purchasing bundles of firewood for resale, we can help with that as well.  We bundle 1 cubic foot in each bundle.  Each is securely banded with plastic shrink wrap on each end.  

In the restaurant business?  We will gladly work with you to ensure that you have the wood necessary to make those savory dishes.  We currently keep oak, white oak, hickory, pecan, and cherry in stock at all times. Give us a call with your species, length and delivery requirements and we will work to meet those needs.

All of our firewood is harvested, split, delivered, and stacked by hardworking men and women from the state of Alabama.